Just Another Pet Place? NO B*RKING WAY!

Welcome to Lucky & Lady®. Your pet is going to thrive here.
And you’ll love our super easy way of doing things.


The first step is to create a profile in our Client Portal.

  Here you’ll enter the essentials about yourself and your pets.

  Upload your pet’s vaccination records. (For a list of required vaccinations, see our FAQ.)

  Sign the client agreement.

Second step = cinch. We reinvented the temperament test.

  Enhanced Day Care requires a temperament test for your pet. We’ll handle it on your pet’s first visit. No worries. No pre-booking.

  For Beyond Boarding, a temperament test is required in advance of your pet’s overnight stay.

  A temperament test is not required for visits to our Self Wash or Grooming Spa.


You’re ready to book. And it’s a snap.

  Log in to the Client Portal and select a service. We’ll keep you updated by text, email or both – whatever you choose.

  You can also contact a concierge anytime.