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Every dog deserves to learn manners, be less aggressive, less anxious and way more happy! The journey begins with the very best training. Like everything else at Lucky & Lady®, our approach is innovative. And age doesn’t matter.


Sit. Stay. SH*T!

It is an awesome experience – the moment you introduce your new pup to your home. There is love, exhilaration and excitement. And then the all-too-often reality settles in with feelings of frustration and a sense of failure. “Why is he doing this?” Or, “What am I doing wrong?” are common questions confronting new parents of dogs of any age, even puppies.

Professional dog training can make all the difference in the world, especially in your pup’s world. The new child – and let’s face it, they’re members of the family – requires patience, direction and consistency. Problem is, most of us don’t speak “dog.” And while they’re wired to love us and please us, most dogs don’t understand what we really want.


Introducing ‘Play & Train’

Successful dog training requires experienced trainers and engaged pet parents. Making it even better requires an environment where dogs already observe rules and gain rewards. That’s why we combine our dog training with our proven Enhanced Day Care program. We call it “Play & Train” – an immersive program of training immediately reinforced with closely supervised cage-free doggie play. Our professional dog trainer will provide each one-on-one training experience away from other dogs in play and we’ll follow up with you each week with instructions and information to make it work for you. Twelve Play & Train sessions occur twice each week over a six-week period.

We also offer dog training in conjunction with Beyond Boarding. It’s the very same program, but with an overnight stay once each week to accommodate super busy pet parents. We call it “Stay & Train.”

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Our Innovative Approach

Our training is positive/rewards-based training and, when combined with our existing pet enrichment and engagement program, delivers a truly science-based approach. We don’t believe in training models focused on dominance, submission or punishment. We know dog training, when combined with dog socialization, renders lifelong results. We aim to help pet parents build a solid foundation for lasting compliance and love. We do it by growing a pet’s trust in his or her own body language.

And we do it by sharing what your dog has learned with you so you can replicate results. We’ll be updating client profiles with valuable information and video segments of your dog responding to our trainer. And our trainer will periodically meet with you and your pup to provide direction, guidance and homework to make the training stick.

Play & Train can be added to any membership or can be purchased separately.


What We’ll Cover

Week One

Day 1: An introduction, then leash work and better manners (walking calmly, no jumping, etc.)
Day 2: Learning “Sit” & “Down” commands

Week Two

Day 3: More “Sit” and “Down” command work, but with the introduction of mild distractions; Touch
Day 4: Learning to “Stay” and an introduction to “Place” (how we tell a dog to go to a specific location)

Week Three

Day 5: Reinforcing Staying In Place
Day 6: More Staying In Place with the introduction of mild distractions; Learning to “Leave It”

Week Four

Day 7: Advanced leash work with the “Heel” command
Day 8: “Heel” with the introduction of mild distractions

Week Five

Day 9: Learning “Focus” and “Watch” commands
Day 10: More “Focus” and “Watch” command work with the introduction of mild distractions

Week Six

Day 11: The big one: “Come”
Day 12: We’ll revisit everything we’ve learned and do a full run-through; We’ll introduce mild distractions and distance while commanding “Come”


The Role of a Trainer

A professional dog trainer can help restore your sanity, protect your home and belongings from destruction, and improve your pet’s overall health and safety. Training can acclimate and accustom a dog to new encounters with people or pets – without the fear of aggression, conflict, or running towards traffic or other dangers. And training can help ensure your dog lives a happy life with you because he’ll know how to please you and what you really want. Shouting “stop” or “sit” simply doesn’t work and only serves to further frustrate your dog.


Training Makes Life Easier

Professional dog training helps nourish your relationship with your dog by fostering boundaries, mutual respect and trust. And professional dog training makes taking your dog almost anywhere a lot easier through safer interactions. Simply walking your dog will be easier because your dog will understand what you want him or her to react to. And experiences with a veterinarian will be easier too because your pet will learn to be comfortable with trusted touch. And when dog training is performed properly, pet parents will acquire skills to improve behaviors in other household pets or future additions to your family.

Enroll Your Best Friend

And Build A Better Relationship With Your Best Friend

It’s simple! Login to your pet’s profile (or create one) and answer the Training Enrollment Questions. Then let us know you’re interested by emailing us at

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