Premium Pet Boarding, Dog Day Care and Grooming in Atlanta GA.

Lucky & Lady® is pet care based in science and love to ensure your furry family member will have the very best away-from-home experience possible. We offer premium pet boarding, dog day care, pet grooming and self wash stations. Our state-of-the-art technology and systems eliminate unnecessary stressors, providing a calm and comfortable environment so your pet can thrive. And our 24/7/365 staffing model means your pet will literally never be alone.

Whether your pet spends time in our Enhanced Day Care program, stays the night for Beyond Boarding, is pampered in our Grooming Spa, or has an awesome bath by you in our Self Wash, you can rest assured in knowing we’ve covered everything to create the most stress-free, awesome environment for your pet. Our Cat Stay & Play facility takes kitty’s decision-making to a whole new level. And the very best technology means you’ll always know just how much your pet is enjoying his stay with us.

Dog Daycare in Atlanta GA

Enhanced Day Care

Dogs are inherently social. They require human interaction. They crave socialization. And they thrive in a safe environment that’s less about picking up poop and all about enrichment and learning. The conventional model just doesn’t work. You and your pets will love Lucky & Lady®.

Pet Boarding in Atlanta GA

Beyond Boarding

You love your pets, which is why it’s important they leave Lucky & Lady® with the energy to love you back. Your pet will experience the right amount of facilitated activity, human interaction and rest so he’s not overly tired or overly stimulated. We call it Beyond Boarding.

Grooming Spa

There’s a “show dog” in all that fur and we’ll help bring her out! The Lucky & Lady® Grooming Spa offers individualized attention and unparalleled quality in a state-of-the-art space. Staffed with experienced pet groomers and bathers, the Grooming Spa specializes in standard and breed-specific cuts.

Best dog Training in Atlanta

Innovative Dog Training

Every dog deserves to learn manners, be less aggressive, less anxious and way more happy! The journey begins with the very best training. Like everything else at Lucky & Lady®, our approach is innovative. And age doesn’t matter.

Pet Boarding in Atlanta GA

Self Wash

You are going to love our Self Wash service. No more juggling shampoo and water. No more flooded bathrooms. And no more of your dog looking up as if to say, “Are we done already?”

Cat Boarding in Atlanta GA

Cat Stay & Play

The Lucky & Lady® Cat Stay & Play program features individual, personal luxury cat boarding. And like home, the freedom to make decisions means kitty can look out our lobby-facing window, or rest securely and privately.