Our Enhanced Day Care program at Lucky & Lady® is a much different experience than offered with traditional doggie day care. To ensure your dog has the very best learning and socialization experience possible, there are a few things you can do to prepare your pet for the B*RKING COOL experience we’ll provide.

Before your arrival

Lucky & Lady® is more than picking up poop all day. Our structured day brings a unique opportunity to work with you, helping to reduce bad behaviors and reinforce the good ones. Let us know what you like about your pet’s behavior, and the not-so-much. Our rich human interaction with periods of structured play care, learning and rest provide routines as a platform to learning. This is real enrichment.

A temperament test is essential. We’ll ensure your pet is a perfect fit for us and you’ll have the peace of mind you need. You’ll be assured your pet will be cared for in the safest, most technologically advanced and modern environment possible. We recommend scheduling a tour so you can see our top-notch facility for yourself.

Our client portal makes sharing health, wellness and allergy information a snap. You can upload vaccination records (required), provide veterinarian information and additional contacts – perfect if you’re traveling and encounter any delays. To see what vaccinations are required visit our FAQ.

On your pet’s first day

Playing is tough work. Just ask a dog! It’s possible your pet will get thirsty fairly quickly, especially if your dog is among the first group to head into an indoor play yard. Initially, your dog might be too excited to remember to drink. Our team will ensure there’s plenty of fresh water and, in just a matter of days, your super comfortable dog will be lapping it up!

Allow some time to pass between breakfast and arrival for Enhanced Day Care. The time between will give your pup time to begin digesting the food. Then, when you arrive, digestion will be well underway and your pet will be perfectly poised for the level of engagement and learning we provide. And most of all, your pup will be comfortable.

Your pet’s morning ride to Lucky & Lady® won’t be much fun if he’s “got to go” and can’t. You can help us reduce pet stress upon arrival for all of our four-legged guests by making sure your pup has time to “potty” before arrival.

If this is your first time leaving your pet in others’ care, try to begin your day calmly with your pet, as you normally would. Our pets easily pick up on our emotions and even the subtlest cue can upset your pet. Your pet will soon be playing, learning and socializing in the safest, most technologically advanced and modern environment possible. Our whole reason for existing is to improve the lives of pets and the people who love them. Read more about all the reasons you and your pet will love it here.

For the safety of all pets in our extraordinary care, we only allow break-away or clasped collars. These are the fairly common collars most pet parents use. They’re easily removable and washable. We don’t permit leather or buckled (think of a person’s belt) collars in Enhanced Day Care. It’s okay if you forget on the first day. We’ll have extras and we’re happy to let your pet borrow one for a day or two. Please do not attach tracking devices, anti-bark devices, or any other electronics to your pet’s collar. These devices contain batteries and other components that could pose a significant risk to any pet if they are chewed or ingested.