You’re taking care of Atlanta.

We’ll take care of your pet, so you can.


Complimentary overnight care for your pet when you just can’t make it here in time.

You’re pulling double and triple shifts. You’re putting your life on the line. And we’d like to say, thank you. Lucky & Lady now offers complimentary Beyond Boarding overnight accommodations and care for your pet when you just can’t make it here to pick up your four-legged family member. We call it Front Liners First.

When we re-open on May 23, we’ll extend the program through June. Front Liners First is available to pets of front line health, medical, news media and other workers responding to COVID-19.


Your pup is in Enhanced Day Care for the day? Check.

Your schedule just blew up? Check.

You can’t get here before our lobby closes? We’ve got your back.

Front Liners First will provide free overnight accommodations to hospital, grocery store, law enforcement, ambulance, news media, delivery and other essential personnel whose pets are enrolled in Enhanced Day Care. That’s it. We think you’re busy enough caring for our city. You shouldn’t have to worry about your pet. And you shouldn’t have to leave pup at home when there’s no telling when you’ll be back home.

You save Atlanta. We’ll keep your pet safe in our 6,000 square foot, all-indoor facility that is beyond climate-controlled. From enhanced air purification systems that remove viruses, bacteria – and contaminants and pheromones from other animals – to equipment and Beyond Boarding suites engineered specifically for pets, we literally thought of everything. And we’re staffed with real people round-the-clock, 24/7.

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Learn more about Beyond Boarding, Enhanced Day Care, or our Safety First Promise.


Thank you for all you’re doing.