A message from the LUCKY & LADY® President



Our commitment to the health and safety of pets in our care, of pet parents, and of our team remains unchanged during this unprecedented time. As we continue to monitor information and guidance from the CDC as well as local, state and federal officials, I feel it important to share with you, our valued clients, what we’re doing to keep all of us safe and how we’re adapting to a renewed confidence in people making the right decisions.

The local order requiring all personnel and visitors to wear a face mask or covering indoors has been lifted. We recommend that everyone continue to wear a mask when coming inside our amazing facility. And we are continuing to make masks available.


What we’re continuing to ask of our team

  • Any employee experiencing symptoms of coronavirus is not permitted at work.
  • Employees must wash their hands for at least 20 seconds at the beginning of each shift, after using the restroom, and if returning to the building after lunch.


How we’re cleaning our facility

  • Our air quality is medical or hospital grade. This level of air quality is extremely rare. HVAC technicians from our vendor and the manufacturers have inspected our systems on-site to ensure our fresh air exchanger, UV purification system, and our biological and media air filtration systems are operating optimally.
  • We’re taking our daily medical-grade cleaning procedures and repeating them, while using an FDA-approved sanitizer to safeguard our space.
  • We use a cleaning system custom designed and engineered for Lucky & Lady. We do not use a pressure-washer, which aerosolizes germs and spreads them.


What we ask of you, our clients

  • If you enter our lobby, we recommend you wear a face mask or face covering.
  • We’re encouraging touchless transactions, including increased use of our online client portal and the use of credit cards on file.
  • We are recommending use of our curbside pet valet service and we invite you to stay in your car.
  • We won’t be providing tours for a while, but we are now allowing a pet’s toys, beds or other belongings.


Our thanks

On behalf of everyone on our amazing Lucky & Lady team, please accept my thanks for supporting innovative, local businesses. We think local businesses are vital to communities and we’re honored to serve our community, create fulfilling jobs and give back to pets in need. We couldn’t do it without you and we thank you.

We want to help you. And we hope you’ll help others by sharing our COVID-19 Resources for Pet Parents in North Georgia.

Together with you,

Ryan Deal
President, Lucky & Lady